Dr. Puglielli discusses autophagy research on ‘Dementia Matters’ podcast

Luigi Puglielli, PhD, was a recent guest on Dementia Matters, a podcast produced by the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. During the interview, Dr. Puglielli talked about his recent paper “ATase inhibition rescues age-associated proteotoxicity of the secretory pathway,” published online on February 25, 2022, in Communications Biology, and his lab’s success in manipulating autophagy to rid the brain of the Alzheimer’s disease-related proteins amyloid and tau. Dr. Puglielli discussed how his lab’s work could be used to develop future treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases of aging and why the scientific process can take years to turn ideas into possible treatments.

Harnessing the Power of Autophagy to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease” was published on March 11, 2022. Listen online, or find the episode on your favorite podcast app.